Tuspark Financial Holdings (HK) Limited, is sponsored by the TUS Financial Group, which itself is a subsidiary of TUS Holdings Co., Ltd., the pioneer and the most established Science Park developer-operator in China. Tsinghua University is the founding shareholder and has remained as the largest shareholder of TUS Holdings Co., Ltd. since its inception 20 years ago.

Tuspark Financial Holdings (HK) Limited is an affiliate of TUS Holdings Co., Ltd. Through its subsidiaries which include TUS Asset Management Limited (Former Name was Kirin Investment Management Limited), TUS Corporate Finance Limited and TUS Capital Limited, it operates in asset management, investment services, financial advisory and corporate finance to the institutional clients and individual investors.


The TUS Financial Group covers a wide range of businesses, from finance leasing to venture capital, and various sector-focused private equity fund management, such as real estate, culture-media, equity and debt and fixed income securities. The Group is also developing technology financial guarantees, micro credit and other new businesses. The Group’s vision is to grow and prosper from the high-value-add driven technology and innovation focused sectors in China. The Group is committed to be a full service financial group in China.


TUS Holdings Co., Ltd. develops and operates Science Parks. It developed the Tsinghua University Science Park (TusPark), and over the past 20 years, has accumulated vast experience in the development and operation of university science parks. It has expanded to nearly 40 cities and regions in China.

TusPark in Beijing is the largest university science park in the world at present. It has been an important platform for social service functions of Tsinghua University and for promoting innovation in this area, gaining an excellent reputation in China and in the global science park industry.